German Habits And Customs

1.Too Hot Lunch

German Love Hot Food To Eat | German Habits And Customs

In Germany, everything closes down for two hours lunch break. German loves to eat hot food. So its a very obvious thing to take a break and eat food while it just cooked and serve.

Local shopkeeper and store will literally shut down their shop for the lunchtime. I mean really they do.

I like this habit of Germans, Impressive.

But it may find some difficulties who are the foreigner and have no idea when the store wanna be open!

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2.Stare The Most

Germans Stare More | Weird German Habits And Customs

The weirdest habit of Germans is Staring. You can find plenty of article on how badly German stair other people not only because you are from some other country but also for your looks or your behavior. If they like your hair they stair you, if they don’t like it! They still they stair.

Means Germans Keep staring the people whom they like or don’t like with their widely open eyes.

Most of the time they stair if you misbehave in public or talk louder on phone, all the heads around you will start turn to you and keep staring until you back off!

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3.They Are Very Direct

Germans Are Direct | German Habits And Customs

Germans are very direct, you may find this as opposite in China, where being direct can create a much more terrible environment, where you can not express your exact views or opinion which consider as impolite or rude.

Oppositely, in Germany people say exactly what they have in their mind. For example, you go in a bar sitting with British person, German directly ask “So why did you Brits vote for Brexit?” rather than spending time in niceties and then they ask this question.

Later you would realize it was not impolite actually it saves a lot of time.

Sometimes, being direct considered as rude but actually, they share their honest view about your question rather than giving false pieces of advice and different thoughts. This is hows Germans were raised to say direct things.If they wanna fired someone they will say hi! You are fired!

This is simple and clear without being fancy or mixed.

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4.Everything Is Being Close On Sunday

No Store Open On Sunday | German Habits And Customs

Strangest thing in Germany everything is closed on Sunday, You can get access to some supermarket which also gets some inspection by police inquiry if that is being open to getting against the laws. You can purchase milk, grocery, baby food. Some restaurant where you can go and eat your food. But no office and the work-related firm are open in Germany.

In Germany, you have to enjoy your holiday and no work to do. Eat Sleep and Relax this is how Germans love to live their life.

Most Weird German Habits And Customs Which People Struggles To Cope Up With

5.Terrible Services

Bad Restaurant Services | German Habits And Customs

If you are a tourist checkout many countries hospitality and the warm welcoming way in many local restaurants while this is totally opposite in Germany. In Most of the German restaurants, the waiters will barely pay you zero attention, exactly the zero attention and they expect to argue back if they get a wrong order for you.

Some of the weirdest reaction gets in the local restaurants where someone asks them for a glass of water they reply with “We don’t have any here, You can have warm water from Bathroom”. This is how ridiculous hospitality in German restaurants.

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Recycle Waste In Different Bin | German Habits And Customs

German known for their cleanliness, hygienic and population free environment. Though they implement and follows this rules in their homes also. They keep four different bin in the kitchen
1. Organic waste that includes Vegetable waste like potato peel and stuff like that.
2. General waste includes waste from dust and cleaning waste.
3. Paper including waste of paper, tissue paper etc
the last forth bin would be for metals includes like aluminum, Plastic bags, Tin cans which you can throw in.

If you visit any germans house, you have to ask them or figure it out in which bin do I need to throw particular waste.

7.Carry Cash

German Cash Culture | German Habits And Customs

In German, it almost killed you by this weird fact about it. German people always carry cash actually you can say the cash culture has still prevailed. If they are going for shopping in a mall or having dinner in the five-star hotel, they pay their bill in cash rather than using their debit, credit cards or online transaction.

It not like that, That their banks don’t provide cards to them, they don’t take it seriously for them its like pokemon cards. Like seriously !!

Most of German, carry coins with them for payment. I feel like a granny who is standing at the counter and count each coin and consuming so much of time.

8.Love To Listen News

German Love To Listen Radio | German Habits And Customs

German people love to listen to news about their country, it could be related to anything whether a film news, Political news, security and nations related new or sports news.

They keep listening news on television, on Radio, news in the car and even in a mobile phone. Germans are obsessed with the news.

9.Time Factor

German Recognized For Their Punctuality | German Habits And Customs

Germans are known around the world for their strict schedule, punctuality and working style. In German people are very punctual, I mean really very punctual. If they have fixed any sort of meeting they would arrive at the perfect time, if it’s at 10:00 am then meeting would start at a correct time. If you arrive at meeting room before 5 minutes of meeting you find none in the room but as it rang at 10:00, all come immediately.

If you are invited for some party, then you must be on time rather than ignoring the fact that it’s not official things and all, you must be on time because Germans don’t consider this as the good manner or take it easy.

10.Say Hello And GoodBye To Shop Keeper

Say Hello And Goodbye To Shopkeeper In Germany | German Habits And Customs

Germans are not known in the world for friendly nature, but I really like this certain ritual or behavior of German people where they say hello to the person who is at the cash counter.

In Germany, it considers as rude and impolite to not say hello or say goodbye to the person who is at cash counter whether its a cashier or store owner whether you know him or not. You have to follow certain things to make other person feels good, Bravo!!