Worst German Food

Hackepeter or Mett

Hackepeter Mett | Worst German Food

We all know Germans know for their traditional culture and delicacy which make them so different in every way from the people around the world.

Hackepeter is a German delicacy dish which Germans love to have on every occasion and in daily life. It’s like a sandwich also known as Bread Rolls can easily found in butcher with sprinkle Black pepper and salt.

As in other country, parents won’t allow children to eat raw meat, but its opposite in Germany, German people love to eat raw meat since their childhood they became habitual of raw meat.

Mett also has known as Hackepteter in some region, a popular way to represent this delicacy dish in one of the receptions in 1970 was shaped as a “Hedgehog”.

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Milbenkäse | Worst German Food
It’s slightly weird about German food, this dish contains lots of live Mites while you eating this dish.

Somewhat sound weird but truth German people love to do experiments with Culinary, where they reach to this recipe known as Milbenkäse Mite Cheese”. They produce in the village of Würchwitz, they left the cheese for about 3 months.

They left the cheese in a wooden box, the bug eats the rind; the digestive liquid ooze ferments the cheese.

Then Germans people eat the cheese with the living mites.

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Rollmops | Worst German Food

Rollmops are made up of herring fillets which are rolled onto a pickle, for those who don’t like fish its not for them and not all Germans love this dish.

It’s the best ready to eat vinegary bite popular and favour for hangover breakfast.

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Geräuchter Aal

Gerauchter Aal | Worst German Food

Its most weird German delicacy food, no one can suppose ell as in the plate. It’s the most poisonous blood to human and lies in between the snake before it been cooked. eel is not a fish which tempting you.

eel nevertheless found as a food in any culture besides the German Culture.

It’s a food into a different culture and smoked eel is one of northern Germany Specialty.

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Labskaus | Worst German Food

This dish is known as the dish for Poor people’s food which includes leftovers corned beef, beets, boiled potatoes, onions. This appetizing dish is introduced in northern Germany.

They mashed all the leftover stuff and served with herring and pickles. Now Labskaus became the fancy dish for most of the German restaurants

Handkäs Mit Musik

Handkäs Mit Musik | Worst German Food

Handkäs mit Musik is a spectacular culinary from the region of Hesse with an intriguing name: “Hand Cheese With Music”. The Cheese is translucent, small and has pungent aroma which is not everyone’s taste.

But which the greatest combination of raw onions, vinegar make the perfect musical note of the dish. Handkäs mit Musik is a bit more adventurous for those who are addictive.

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Sulze | Worst German Food

Sulze is very commonly known as Brawn in the Uk and Head Cheese in America but it’s known as Sulze in Germany which has no relation with dairy production, It made up of the head part of calf or pig commonly from Sheep and Cow head.

They bring the meat out the heat along with other several parts including tongue and sometimes their feet or heart turn them into flesh jelly and serve them.


Saumagen | Worst German Food

The name of Saumagen means “Sow’s Stomach”: The stomach of Pig. German people used stomach of pig used as a casing for stuffing potatoes, carrots, pork and spices.

Saumagen was known as the traditional dish from the Rhineland-Palatinate, the region that Helmut Kohl, German chancellor from 1982 to 1998. Helmut loved Saumagen, and it was served to many state guests, including Margaret Thatcher, Mikhail Gorbachev, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton.

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Blutwurst | Worst German Food

Recently, it was found that German is not only a country with an unusual or strange habit of German Blutwurst dishes with colorful names such as “Himmel und Erde” (Heaven and Earth), where German people combine apple sauce and mashed potatoes.

Other names such as “Tote Oma” (Dead Grandma), where Blutwurst mixed with bloody pieces and mixed with liverwurst and potatoes.

Toast Hawaii

Toast Hawaii | Worst German Food

Toast Hawaii is origin a concept from West Germany in 1950s. A grilled open sandwich which combines toast, ham, and pineapple, topped with processed cheese and a maraschino cherry.

This recipe becomes populated by German Tv cook Clemens Wilmenrod.

In the 1960s, a greek-candidate restaurants owner use the same concept to create Hawaiian Pizza.