List of Visa Free Countries For Indian Passport Holder

1. Bhutan, Asia – Visa Free Countries List

Travel Destination | Bhutan

Free Entry for Indian

Bhutan, a well known for Trekking Destinations for High Himalayas peaks such as 7,326m Jomolhari. Buddhist Kingdom monasteries land with an insuperable power of Buddha. This land of Buddha preserving their culture and encourage Sustain Development. It’s among least populated countries and happiest country in the world. Known for banned using plastic bags, slaughter any animals, No smoking in Public Place, 70% land covered by forest.

Famous Travel Destinations in Bhutan are Tashichho Dzong, Memorial Chorten, Thimphu, Buddha Dordenma statue, Motithang Takin Preserve, Folk Heritage Museum, Dechencholing Palace, Dechen Phodrang Monastery.

Indian get visas on arrival and can valid to six months.

2. Macau, Asia

Las Vegas of Asia | Macau

Macau, known as the Las Vegas of Asia due to mix influence of colossus casino and malls on the Cotai Strip. Macau lies in the southern part of China whose main income coming through Gambling which is five times more $33 Milion than Las Vegas known as the leader of the world gambling. Macau has a great influence on Portuguese and Chinese culture, Portuguese settled in the 16th century and handed back to China in 1999.

Macau is the world leader in the gambling with the highest revenue and its 20% population working in Gambling.

3. Jordan, Asia

Jordan, Asia

If Jordan historic magnetize you, visit the historical country with visa on arrival for two weeks. Best time to visit March to April where day are warm and nights are cooler.

4. Nepal, Asia – Visa Free Entry for Indian Citizen

Gokyo Valley, Nepal | Travel Destination

Nepal lies at the south-east border of India, they are tied up with 1950 Indo-Nepal Treaty of Peace and Friendship.
Indian citizen doesn’t need a visa to travel to Nepal. They can work and stay in Nepal peacefully. Best time to go from October to November. Avoid traveling from June to September due to high sides.

5. Seychelles, Africa – Visa Free Countries List

Seychelles Beaches & Resorts

Visa on Arrival – Valid for one month for Indians

This amazing archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, Seychelles is home for natural reserves, coral reefs and countless beaches on it. Besides this Seychelles, also Natural Reserves rare animals like giant Aldabra tortoises.

Indian can avail visa on arrival and can valid up to one month to travel Seychelles completely.

Best time to go April, May, October, and November. Seychelles has sports activities includes snorkeling and underwater activities.

6. South Korea, Asia

Jeju Island | South Korea
South Korea,

Jeju is a South Korean island known for its volcanic landscape full of craters and cave-like lava tubes. The South Korean government only allowed to visit this island only for Indian Passport Holder for visal on arrival, valid up to 30 days.

The island gets travelers around the world throughout the year. Most of the traveler visit in winter due to holidays season and celebration.

Visa Fee for South Korea: Free for India Citizen

7. Maldives, Asia

Maldives Resorts | Visa Free Countries List

Maldives has the most crystal clear water beaches in the world with beautiful underwater activity and closest beach destination from India.

A most lovable place for honeymoon for Indian Couple who want to travel to foreign countries with the partner. Maldives is among the best place where all Indian Bollywood celebs travel to relax on holidays.

Visa Free Countries, Maldives: Visa On Arrival
Valid: Six Months

8. Jamaica, North America – No Visa for Indian Passport Holder

Jamaica Beaches | Travel Destination

Jamaica, a well-known place for beaches and resort which attract Indian in Jamaica.

Jamaica has a glorious weather from October to December due to which flight and resort prices are pretty much expensive even though it receives thousand of traveler from the world.

9. Dominica, North America

Travel Destination | Dominica, USA

Visit this untouched natural beauty of Dominica where you can enjoy true nature, hot spring, rainforest, tropical forest, volcano lakes and botanical gardens.

Most visited places at Dominica, North America includes Morne Trois Pitons National Park, Cabrits National Park, Boiling Lake, Emerald Pool, Ti Tou Gorge, Trafalgar Falls.

Visa Free Countries, Dominica: No Visa Required
Valid: 90 Days

10. Fiji, Oceania – No Visa

Fiji Beaches | Fiji Resort

Fiji is the most romantic island in the world which receive traveler throughout the world. Fiji climate remains constant throughout year expect June to September where you can feel a little bit dry and warm.

But Fiji always bestows you with its amazing beauty and outdoor activities on the island.

Indian passport holder incur visa on arrival and its valid up to 120 Days.

11. Indonesia, Asia

Visa Free Countries List | Indonesia

This island has highest archipelago in the world with 17,000 islands. Bali is known for the best place to party where Bar, Casino, and Pubs are availed through the night. The best time to go to Indonesia is from April to October.

Indian citizen avail visa on arrival which valid for 30 days and it’s not extendable.

12. Mauritius, Asia

Mauritius Asia | Travel Destination for Honeymoon

Best outdoor and food lovers island with pristine beaches of Mauritius, Indian passport holder can avail visa on arrival and valid up to 60 days. Best time to visit this island from may to December when the temperatures are pleasantly cool.

13. Ecuador, South Africa

Ecuador South Africa

Visit the diverse island of Ecuador for exploring Amazon Jungle, Andean highlands, and the wildlife-rich Galapagos Islands.

You can avail visa on arrival for Indian Passport Holder valid for 90 days.

Best time to visit December to May, its a dry season in Ecuador, while its summer in the rest of world you can enjoy lazing on the beaches and water sports.

14. Saint Kitts and Nevis, North America

St Kitts & Nevis, USA

Saint Kitts and Nevis is a two-island nation unites by fascinating mountains and sunny beaches which is received tourist through the year from May to June is the best time to travel, for more scenario November to April full festive season and in February carnival drawing several visitors.

Visa Free Countries List, Saint Kitts and Nevis: Free for Indian citizens

15. El Salvador, North America

El Salvador | Travel Destination in USA

Indian passport holder can easily visit this Central American nation known for its Pacific Ocean beaches, surfing and mountainous landscape. Visa on arrival facility is available for a visit of 30 days. El Salvador an adventurous place for water sports lover especially surfing. Best time to visit March to November

Visa fees for El Salvador: USD 10

16. Bolivia, South America

Bolivia South America

Indian nationals can attain a thirty-day visa for Bolivia.

This enchanting city encompasses by rugged mountains with superlative natural beauty, the best time to visit Bolivia in May to October, Bolivia receive tourist all through the year around the world.

17. Grenada, Caribbean

Grenada, Caribbean

Grenada is known as a land of the spice of nutmeg and cinnamon, breathtaking colorful colonial house on the Caribbean island. The best time to visit Grenada is anytime between the months of January to April.

Indian passport holder can avail visa on arrival valid for three months. Apart from island factor, you can enjoy water sports activity, hiking and party.

Visa Free Countries List, Grenada, Caribbean: Visa on Arrival for Indian Passport Holder

18. Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park, Europe

Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park, Europe

Indian traveler can visit this park for three days without having a visa, for more than three days you must have a visa.

Pushcha National Park are entitled as UNESCO World Heritage Site! Explore this amazing oldest wildlife sanctuary in Europe. Best time to visit the Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park is from the month of April to September.

Visa Cost – Free for Indian citizens

19. South Ossetia, Russia

South Ossetia, Russia

To get enter into South Ossetia, one must have a Russian visa.
Visitors do not require a visa specifically to enter South Ossetia, however, a Russian visa for South Ossetia permit is a must.

Ossetia, look literally like a painting or I can say dreamland. The best time to visit South Ossetia is winter owing to a large number of winter sports and activities. If you not a big fan of snow then July to October is the best time to go.

20. Svalbard, Norway

Svalbard | Norway

This archipelago doesn’t require the visa its entirely free zone.

Svalbard is the glorious island of snowcapped mountain and glaciers. Svalbard receiving traveler throughout the year, depending on the activity you want to pursue. February to ay are the months when the region is full swing even can experience northern lights in Svalbard, Norway.

What you need to pay for a Svalbard Visa – Free for Indian citizens