You have noticed many time when Indian Cricket Team Captain Virat Kohli expresses his love towards his ladylove, but this is the first time when Anushka Sharma share a picture with her husband Virat Kohli along with the caption of “In heaven, literally 😇😍”.

Definitely Anushka you would fell that after waiting for so long time you made your relationship officially and surprised the whole country.

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma post wedding photos

They also shared another images with the caption of Mr and Mrs. Kohli

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Anushka’s family and friends have already returned to India, for preparation of wedding receptions to be held in Virat’s hometown Delhi on December 21 and Mumbai on December 26.

The couple was so happy for the amazing planning done by the wedding planner that they can’t resist themselves to give credit for the dedication and beautifully organized everything for their wedding.They took to Twitter to thanks their wedding planner team Shhadi Squad.

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Virat Kohli share above piture on Twitter with the team of wedding planner to thanks them.

Just like they share their wedding vows on twitter to let the world know that they are officially a couple.Likewise, Anushka Share the same message of Virat Kohli to thanks their wedding planner for beautifully organized their wedding.