We all are a human being, as reaches to an adult stage it all started naturally, we can’t control it. Just like eating, sleeping is a part of life; Sex is also the same once you reach adult stage. But it depends upon one to one interest how many time a day or week, People like to have it.

There is different between male and female sense when, where they feel to have or how many time a day sexual thoughts arouse in their mind.

Here I’m sharing some of the most observing behaviors done by people before they feel that they want to have sex.

Sex Thoughts

1.Porn Video

Sometimes people like to check adult videos, but if you are continuously watching such video more and more, then there is a single that’s you badly needs something that you know already so ahead.

2.Licking Finger

This is the weird one, but yes it is one among such behavior which is observed, licking a small part of your finger, Its sign of craving for sex.

3.Feeling your own body parts

Another sign, when you started feeling your own body parts in a sense that you start feeling in a sexual way with more charm and calmly.

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4.Sexual Thoughts

when you start thinking about your sexual behavior in bed and that thought won’t stop though, it’s subconsciously present in your mind and you can’t beat it.

You started thinking about your position, how you feeling in and a combination of feeling which you get while enjoying it.

5.Sex Talk

When you have a craving for sex, you just enjoy dirty talks with your friend, start showing your interest more and more in it.Even text your partner to share your intentions.

6.Stare Boobs

All man are same, they just look to stare breast of all women.If you notice that you like to take a look at women breast again and again.It a sign that you have craving for sex.

Even some say that staring breast can add hundred years to man’s life.Try to stare your girls rather than check outing others.