Not everyone gets a chance to meet the British royal family, so if you ever find yourself in the same room as Queen Elizabeth II, it’s good to know which you do and don’t.

Don’t Touch The Queen

Royal Rule Etiquette | Non Royal Member Can’t Touch The Queen

The main protocol for everyone when it comes to her majesty, no one can touch the queen. If you did it would consider as a breach of protocol.

Back in 2014, the former First Lady Michelle Obama made headlines when she generously touches the queen back, Uk media gets crazy and consider it as a breach of protocol. If you are still the first Lady you can’t touch the queen.

Only a Royal Member touch other royal members.

Back in 2014, Kate Middleton and Prince William met basketball star, LeBron James. James broke the biggest protocol associated with meeting a royal! He put his arm around Duchess Kate while taking photos.


How To Show Curtsy | Queen Elizabeth II

Whether you belong to a Royal Family, celebrity or any an ordinary people you must show the curtsy to Queen. Otherwise, it considers as a rude behavior to her majesty.

For women, they can simply put the right foot behind the left one and bend the knees ever so slightly.
For men, similar to it with slightly head down.

It also considers as rude and disrespectful if you turn around to the queen.

Eat after she eats

Royal Protocol Sheet | What To Do And Don’t While Meeting Queen Elizabeth II

If you are invited for a Royale dinner you can’t eat eating anything, even though it was tempting you, Until Queen start it.

In short, You can start eating once queen starts and finish the meal once Queen finish.

Royal Rules Etiquette: Meeting Queen Elizabeth II


What To Do And Don’t While Meeting Queen | Royal Family Etiquette

You can’t directly ask any Queen to shake hand. If she wants to do she will raise her hand towards you. You can’t offer or ask Queen to shake hands. If you would then it consider as a breach of Protocol and you make a headline in British media.

Queen’s Lead

What To Do And Don’t While Meeting Queen Elizabeth II

This protocol shows that her majesty is supreme and no one is powerful beside her. You can’t walk ahead of her. You can walk with her or behind her but not ahead.

It’s like she leads everything. If you dare to walk ahead of her, it considers as you don’t consider her as Queen and being rude to her majesty.

Empty Handed

Royal Protocol Dos And Donts For Meeting The Queen | Royal Rule Etiquette

If you are meeting Queen Elizabeth, then never go with empty handed. If she is visited your country she expected gifts which symbolize the purpose of visiting and represent your cultural meaning too.

No Photograph

British Royal Family Rules

Well, in this protocol Queen already have her personal photographer who captured her every event meeting. So it totally prohibited to take pictures inside Buckingham Palace.

No selfies allowed with the Queen neither a photograph.

Take Seat

British Royal Family Rules | What To Do And Don’t While Meeting Queen Elizabeth II

One thing someone should never do in front of the queen of England is taking a seat. If you don’t stand when the queen enters the room, it’s considered extremely disrespectful.

You can take a seat after the queen sits not before that. Most important protocol for meeting Queen Elizabeth II.

No Garlic

What To Do And Don’t While Meeting Queen Elizabeth II | Royal Protocol And Etiquette

Remember when you are going to any party where people take preciously care about their looks and how they smell. Whether it’s just a party or meeting your favorite celebs you shouldn’t eat Garlic. You already know the reason!

Garlic is totally banned from Royal’s Kitchen. Due to the fact when royal members meeting Queen Elizabeth, they might be smell bad due to garlic. So if you visit to meet don’t go with odour smell of it.

No Shellfish

Royal Protocol Dos And Donts For Meeting The Queen

Royals are banned to touch lobster, shellfish, crabs, Shrimps due to the reason they are too much on risk. Shellfish are the source of food poisoning. So its totally to go with them.

But Prince Charles have been caught up many times with lobsters.