Being pregnant is not an easy job, being responsible to deliver a new life, pregnancy comes with many emotions phases including anxiety, stress, overwhelming, exaggerated, sad, worried and many more which can be understood by pregnant women only, we bring the most common pregnancy symptoms which can be felt as the Trimester increase you could easily figure out these pregnancy symptoms and feelings among pregnant women.

Nauseous and Vomiting

Vomiting Feeling During Pregnancy
Nauseous and vomiting are the most common feeling every pregant women feels in the first trimester, it usually happen in morning, also called as morning sickness.

Mood Swings

Mood Swings During Pregnancy

If you are around any pregnant women you may have noticed her behavior sometimes they look jollies and sometimes you can’t even handle her. Mood swings are common as pregnancy symptoms when your hormone level keeps on changing leads to your varies behavior.

Leaky Breast

Leaky Breast
Pregnancy symptoms including leaky breast or nippes can be observed in third trimester or some women even feel after 15 week of pregnancy.


Angry Women
Common problem for pregnant lady who are expecting a baby due to changes in horomone leads to anxiety and upset feeling due to unreasonable thing and even the silly one.

Lots of Advise

Yes, most experienced women of elder going to give you unwanted advice, even stats sharing what they feel when they were pregnant with their children and their whole experience along with some tips, on supplements, sleeping positions, handling daily chores while being pregnant

Which make you feel the same repeated advice and stories from the former pregnant ladies which doesn’t make any sense for you, as if you are getting bored though your hormones working perfectly to spoiled your mood out.

Wholly Responsible For The New Life

Yes, you are not the only one person for letting the new life into the world, your partner is also responsible for it. But most people try to reach you with an advice to take care of the little one, any damage to him consider as a mistake of the mother. Which lets you feel like you are only responsible for the new life.

No Roads Trips

The pregnancy phase comes with many restrictions including no adventure sports, no racing, no drinks or roads trips especially when you enter into the second trimester.

Often Feeling of Peeing

Women Peeing More Being Pregnant
During third trimester, most women starts feeling to go more often for peeing.

Food Craving

Food Craving

Most common pregnancy symptoms in early first trimester when a wannabe mother start heavenly craving for unusual food

Craving for unusual food combinations which she hates before. Craving for pickles, nutty or various combination of food which increase her crave.

Tired and massage feel worsen

Pregnant women mostly feel tried as she is also carrying a new life in her stomach make them slightly tried, less energetic as her most of energy and nutrients are passed to the little one.

Pregnant women also feel bad when it comes to massage their body which was fun and relaxing before they were pregnant.

Skin Darkening and Breakout – Pregnancy Symptoms

Breakout | Acne

While entering the third trimester you can see changes in your skin including some parts becomes dark and patchy while your faces got break-outs which can heal after delivery.

Baby Kicking

Baby kicking
Most lucky pregnant women feels their baby kick in early third trimester or near the due date while other women barely heard once when reaching to due date. Baby kick is the most common and adorable symptom among other pregnancy symptoms which every women waits to feels.

Weight Gain

Weight Gain | Pregnancy
Obiviously, as your triemseter increases your weight naturally gonna increase as your body starts preparing you to give a birth.

Stretch Mark and Itching

Stretch Marks | Itching
Increasing baby bump starts strecthing your skin which leads to itching and stretch marks which can be treated after baby’s birth.

Touching Baby Bump

Touching Baby Bump
Agreed! It’s an annoying feeling when anyone from the group of relatives trying to touch your baby bump, and say congralutions with cheesy smile may be their intention are nice good for your health but though your mood swings you barely want to allow someone special only.

Commmon Pregnancy Symptoms: Hip and Lower Back Pain

Hip and Back Pain
During third trimester mostly women have the same complain for hips and lower back pain due to the increase size of baby inside stomach which squeeze the instestine. Women near the due date can’t able to sit or walk due to back pain, recommond to take care by doctor.