Most women have no idea about the pregnancy stages or cycle due to lack of awareness. They only get a suggestion from their elder or relatives to eat more as a pregnant woman eating for two, but it doesn’t make sense to eat more whatever comes to the way. But it totally depends what pregnancy food you need to deliver a new life.

Did you know how exactly your fetal starts to develop and what stage helps to grow his body?

A pregnant cycle consists of 3 trimester means one trimester equal to three months, so three trimester equals nine months for having a due date.

This stages of trimester define the growth and development of the child, as the trimester increases lead to fewer and lesser chances of miscarriage and abortion.

First Trimester

It all starts when your eggs are fertilized after 12-24 hours of ovulation if sperm successfully penetrates it in a simple biological way which leads to the starting of new life in biological. if, everything goes well then fertilized egg then divided into multiple cells to get down till the fallopian tube to start burrowing uterine lining. It takes almost two weeks to reach till the uterus.

Implantation starts at the third week when the fertilized eggs started attaching the uterus wall which leads to the microscopic ball of hundreds of multiplying cell which into a baby, starts generating pregnancy hormone to tell ovary to stop producing eggs.

While reaching till 4 weeks of your pregnancy, the ball of microscopic became an embryo officially.

It’s duration of 4 weeks when you had your periods last time while reaching the 5th week, the embryo starts developing as tiny tadpole leads developing its circulatory system and heart to beat this week but its movements and heartbeat can’t be heard.

6th Week of Pregnancy Stages

This week helps to develop baby’s eyes, nose, ear, and mouth to take shape along with its intestine and brain to start developing. The size of the baby would be around 0.25 like a size of sweet pea or lentil.

7th-8th Week of Pregnancy Stages

This phase of pregnancy helps baby to develop his limbs, though he became double the size. The baby starts moving around though you can’t feel any of its moves. He starts building him up his nervous cell along with breathing tubes starts extending to develop his lungs.

9th-10th Week of Pregnancy Cycle

This stages consider for basic physiology including tiny earlobes with perfect shapes, nail formation, Gain weight of an ounce, skin being translucent. This 10 week of pregnancy considers as the most critical portion of the baby development. Mostly miscarriage happens in the first trimester of pregnancy.

11th-12th Week of Pregnancy Stages

In this week baby fully formed and he starts kicking, stretching and even start hiccups in the womb. He starts finger movement to open and close toes, sucking movements in the mouth, poke tummy gently.

13th Week of Pregnancy Stages

This is the last phase of a trimester where the baby has fully formed limbs along with its fingerprints. His vein and organs can be seen from the skin.

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Second Trimester of Pregnancy Stage

While you enter in the second trimester, this stage decreases chances of miscarriage or adoption, This stage relief you from the morning sickness and working fatigues, now you can feel more energetic.

14th-15th Week of Pregnancy Stage

This stages helps to develop baby brain impulsive and facial muscles, started sucking his thumb along with the kidney started working out and can sense the light.

15th-20th Week of Pregnancy Stage

Starts developing the scalp, though hair can’t be visible, his ear and nose becoming closer to the final position, his skeleton starts becoming harden, can flexing the arms and legs.

The 19th week is among the important phase when his sense of body start developing of smell, touch, feel, vision and hearing start to develop.

In the 20th week, your baby can start swallowing and his digestive system producing meconium the dark, the sticky goo helps to do his first poop in the womb during pregnancy room or in the diaper.

21st-25th Week of Pregnancy Stages

Baby starts kicking against the womb, turning from a tiny tadpole into a miniature newborn, lips and eyes color are still distinct, though his pigments color is still yet to come.

At the beginning of the 23rd week, he is getting better with the sound, get pretty cuts and lean figure while the skin still is thin and translucent.
25th week changes your baby’s body wrinkled skin starts to fill out with baby fat, his hair starts to come in along with color and texture.

26th-27th Week of Pregnancy Stage

In this stage of pregnancy, a baby starts inhaling and exhaling, amniotic acid help to develop his lungs so that he can take his first breath in the air without having any issue.

While the 27th is the last week for pregnancy stages for second-trimester, a baby’s brain became more active, he sleeps and wakes on regular time.

Third Trimester of Pregnancy Stage

This phase comes with little more legs cramps and feels more often peeing, during this phase baby’s eyesight are starts developing along with the eyes lashes can blink. His body and muscle starts getting ready to face the outside world

The 30th week is the week when your baby is totally surrounded by the pint and amniotic acid and he can start moving his head from side to side as he enters in the 31st week of pregnancy stage.
As the days passed, pregnant mommy gain more weight, in this phase you will easily gain pounds out of which of that you directly goes to your baby who is gain one third to his birth weight which helps him to prepare for the life of outside the womb in the 33rd week of pregnancy.

In the 33rd week of pregnancy, though bones in baby’s skull are not fully fused, though it can move his head through the birth canal.

When entering the 33rd week of pregnancy, the baby’s nervous system fully mature

Those babies who born between 34th to 37th week of pregnancy stage will have no health issue and have a long run.

The 35th week makes feel comfy in the womb. His kidney is fully developed and his liver can process some waste.

While entering 36th week your baby starts losing out the waxy substance which was protecting her from now till he reaches to 37th week he almost looks like a miniature born baby.

In the 38th week, he starts gaining his eyes pigment though it can be green which changes later until he reaches a year old.

While reaching 39th week, your baby physical development will be complete.

Sometimes delivery date due till 41st week but delaying in the delivery date can lead to risk the baby life.

So, it was necessary to do a regular test like the sonogram to get updated about the delivery date.

First Trimester: