After delivering a baby, you always have one thought in your mind to regain your previous body and look just like pre-pregnancy. Many people suggested you follow this and that, even showed different post baby workout plan and diet, though never tried hard on it or go on the strict diet plan as low consumption of food, vitamins, protein, carbs can affect your child health.

Here we bring post baby workout plan and diet to fulfill your and your baby needs.

Exercise After Delivery For Flat Stomach

Post Pregnancy weight loss exercise

Walking: This is among the easiest exercise adds into fitness routines after baby birth. Walking gently can be beneficial try to walk in a zigzag pattern to keep muscles guessing. One can easily add this exercise for post-pregnancy weight loss exercise in daily life without the need for any types of equipment.

Kegels: It has a special place in post-pregnancy exercise list, it helps to control those leaks which you get after sneezing, while pick up baby and laughter this allows you to make more control over it, leads to living comfortably. This is a classic exercise suggested by many doctors as the post baby workout plan for toning bladder muscles, beneficial to reduce the risks of enuresis associated with childbirth.

Deep Bell Breathing: Deep belly breathing is easy to exercise can be done just after an hour of giving birth as it helps to relax the muscle and strengthening your belly.

Kneeling Pelvic Tilt: This is the most inspiring exercise helps to tone your stomach also beneficial to relieve back pain.

Head Lift, Shoulder-ups and Curl-ups: These exercises are truly easy to perform as it beneficial to burn your calories and toning your stomach.

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Post Pregnancy Diet

Post Pregnancy Diet while Breastfeeding

Oranges – Fruits to eat after delivery

Citrus and oranges are considered as the excellent breastfeeding food, rich in calcium and Iron provides nutrient and boost your energy. Try to drink it juices as more often.

Blue Berries – Fruits to eat after delivery

Blueberries are the good source of a healthy dose of carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins help to keep the high energy in breastfeeding mom. Moms should try two or more serving or juices of blueberries every day.

Low-Fat Dairy Products

Post Pregnancy Diet Chart
You can choose from milk yogurt, cheese or any other dairy products which beneficial for breastfeeding, a rich source of Vitamins D along with Vitamins B and Protein. Dairy products are also the best source of calcium which beneficial for your child bones development.

Brown Rice

Brown rice let you keep a healthy mix whole-grain carbs in your diet to keep the energy level high along with good amount of calories and best quality milk to your baby.

Whole-Grain Cereal

Cereal like Oatmeals provides you sufficient amount of essential vitamins and nutrients, can fulfill your daily needs. Try to have a whole cup of it with skim milk in the breakfast.

Leafy Green

Leafy vegetable like spinach, broccoli contain vitamins A and Vitamins C along with the good source of Iron and heart-healthy antioxidants which helps you and your baby, one must include this as post pregnancy diet chart.


Kidney Beans and Black beans which are dark in color rich in Iron, good food for breastfeeding for vegetarian.


Mom who nurses their child is at high risk for energy-draining dehydration, to maintain the production of milk and energy trying to stay healthy and hydrated by consuming sufficient water and juices.

Try not to have 2-4 cups of coffee and tea as caffeine enter into your breast milk, which can lead to poor sleep and irritates and due to breastfeeding, as most of her liquid

Hopes you get some helps from the list of suggestion on post baby workout plan and diet, to get back your previous look.