Pregnant women can do physical work during pregnancy whether its office or home depends on your early pregnancy days which, it’s safe until you reach you reach your early third trimester when you will be quiet difficult to walk or stand for more than 15-20 minutes.

Especially it creates a problem during morning hours when you feel nausea or morning sickness. You should try to changes your working hours which can eliminate your morning sickness.

There would be no issue if you can working till your second trimester or early third trimester as though official workload comes with many pressure you need to balance this with the help of yoga, deep breathing and stretching for blood circulation. Even taking care of you don’t stand for too long or more than 20 minutes. If possible ask your colleagues to help you out in this by exchanges the chores in office.

Working while Pregnant first Trimester

It’s necessary to let your employer know about your pregnancy before he got the news from the third person, most employers are not reluctant about this but depend on one’s individual and company rules according to particular situation they can take the decision, might be a possibility for a long-term project, ending of the contract.

Discrimination in workplaces is illegal when you are pregnant, but they should arrange a comfortable environment for pregnant women related to medicines stuff. Pregnant women mostly need the support from their surrounding ones which can help her to continue her professional life.

Pregnant Women
If you needs to travel during third trimester, try to avoid it completely. Even if it is really compulsory then you must carry all your medical report and record if any case of emergency.

If you are working in a factory or supermarket or any other place where you need to lift some weight, keep resist yourself your doing it, as it adversely affects your health.

Standing Longer Time During Pregnancy

A pregnant women task should not include task where she needs to stand in a waiting line or at a cash counter for more than 20 minutes.

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Household Physical work during Pregnancy

It is totally normal to do household chores during pregnancy which includes brooming and mopping until you reach your early third trimester.

Chopping vegetables or food are normal physical work during pregnancy can be done without any stress. You must take care when you engaging in work like brooming and mopping which includes little bit blending.

Cooking and household chores are less worrier one physical work during pregnancy, while it’s totally advised to not engage in activities like

work restrictions during pregnancy

Cleaning House with Harmful Chemical
Pregnant Women Cleaning Floor
Cleaning home with any natural substances like lime or any things can’t be problem, but cleaning floor which includes heavy chemical substances in it, can cause problem to your health.

Try to eradicate cockroaches and other pets from the house

Spraying Pest Killer
If anyone spraying such harsh chemical, try to escape the places for while as such spray can cause serious issues to your health.

Painting the room

Painting Walls
If you are planning to go paint for room during your pregnancy, try to avoid it and schedule after the baby birth as paint has emit fumes which can cause health issue to mom and child.

Lifting Heavy Stuff During Pregnant
Try not to lift heavy things like Laundry, shifting sofa to other places etc

Climbing Stairs – Stritly Prohibited as Physical work during Pregnancy
Pregnant Women Climbing Stairs
You can climb the stairs easily but during third trimester it is strongly suggested that one should avoid it completed.

Don’t force yourself to work
List of physical work which you should resist to do when you are in your early third trimester or near to your due date. Some women feel comfortable while pursuing the above task but don’t push yourself as it affects your hormones and your health adversely.

Don’t overdo your chores related to physical work during pregnancy, so if you feel you can do, do it don’t force or push yourself to do your household chores.