Come to explore the unseen heaven on the earth with the help of Leh Tourism!

Leh is like a heart of Ladakh region and the capital city of it, a high desert region in the northern Himalayas in Jammu & Kashmir, India. Leh lies in the district of Ladakh region known for Buddhist sites and amazing trekking areas for travelers who want to explore the snowcapped mountains and Valleys.

Leh is the second most expansion district after Kutch in Gujarat which 45,110 km.

Leh has mix influence of Tibet and Muslim culture where ethic Tibetan speaking Ladakhi and Muslims annexation of Ladakh by Kashmir.

Best time to visit Leh from June – September

Leh food literally very famous, specially Momos which is dragged and cooked by every single mother all over India.
If you are visiting Leh you must try this local food of Leh which includes Pasta, the thukpa, Yak Cheese, Paba and Tangtur, Chang a noodle soup with boiled vegetables, chunks of chicken, pork, beef or mutton served with spicy ‘chutney’. Momo is a type of steamed bun with or without filling. …

Local Food of Leh, Momos

Local Food Momos Local Food of Leh | Leh Tourism

Besides Leh locale food, it’s also popular for it’s homemade which is called Gyab Thago, basically, a drink made from wheat which gives instant freshness and energy.

Tourism in Leh, a source of income for the Tibetan People.

Local Markets Leh, India | Leh Tourism

Like every traveler or explorer, you should not skip local market of any town which reflect the traditional values of any place. In Leh, the local markets are super interesting which showcase the values and what they belong to, what this place is all about.

The local market consists of Statues of Gods, Stupas clone, Music instruments, Statues of Buddha, Clothes, Bags imprints Gods images, many metal stuff and much more things to check in.

Things To See In Leh, India

Leh Palace

Leh Palace | Leh

Leh Palace which perched on top of Tsemo Hill, an ancient structure was built by Tsewang Namgyal the founder of the Namgyal dynasty of Ladakh, in the year 1553 in the 17th century, made from Soil, Wood, and rock which stand tall in intensely having 9 storeys in the palace. It’s among most popular attraction in Leh.

Leh Palace slightly ruins in condition but it’s been repairing and managed by Archaeological Survey of India’ (ASI).

Shanti Stupa – Leh Tourism

Shanti Stupa Leh India | Things To See In Leh

Shanti Stupa is a white domed stupa lies on hilltop Chanspa at Leh district. Shanti Stupa built in 1991 by Japanese Buddhist Bhikshu, Gyomyo Nakamura and part of the Peace Pagoda mission to celebrate the completion of 2500 years of Buddhism and for the promotion of world peace.

Shanti Stupa is becoming a tourist attraction not only because of religion point but also for its panoramic views surrounding snowcapped mountains and valleys.

Nubra Valley

Nubra Valley | Leh India

Nubra valley which is tri-armed valley located in northeastern of Ladhak Valley, 150 km from Nubra in Diskit which is a capital of Nubra from Leh town.

You can explore this wonderful valley throughout the year as a temperature is pretty same extremely cold climate with an unbearable condition from November to February -4 degree Celcius. So pleasant autumn season is pretty good time to enjoy the sightseeing starts July to September which receives tourism in Leh.

Hall Of Fame Museum – Leh Tourism

Hall Of Fame | Leh Tourism

Hall of Fame is a museum located 4km from the city of Leh, was constructed by Indian Army in the memory Brave Indian Soldiers who sacrifice their lives in defending the motherland in Indo-Pak wars. It remained us the greatest sacrifices done by thousands of solider to ensure the safety and security of our country.

The Hall of Fame Museum divided into the various section where you can see arms and ammunition which as used in Kargil War, Apparel and amenities used by solider in Siachen region, Kargil war picture on the wall, you can see the “Operation Vijay” documentary in the museum itself, pictures of training process on ice walls.

There is a various section in the museum which shows the sacrifice of Indian Army for their country there is another wall “Lest We Forget” which shows Indian soldiers enormous sacrifice to make a nation more secure from foreign hostility.

Hall Of Fame | Leh India

Pathar Sahib Gurudwara

Pathar Sahib Gurudwara | Leh Tourism

Pathar Sahib Gurudwara situated 25km away from Leh in Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir, Its the place where Guru Nanak who was the first guru and founder of Sikh religion vanished demons at the same place.

This Gurudwara built in 1970’s by Indian army and local help due to religious factor, Even though the region is predominantly Buddhist, Gurudwara Pathar Sahib is also worshipped by Buddhists. Tibetan Buddhists honor Guru Nanak as Guru Gompka Maharaj and as Nanak Lama.

Magnetic Hill – Unseen Places In Leh

Magnetic Hill | Leh Tourism

Magnetic hill lies at a distance of 30 km from Leh city on the Leh-Kargil Highway which is a small stretch of road that defies the incidents of gravity. It is the most tourist attraction place in Leh. The reason why its Magnetic Hill is so popular when a traveler stops to take look this blessed place with valley and snowcapped mountain, they experienced some strange sort of gravity-defying phenomenon. On road, there is a yellow mark which indicates to park a vehicle in neutral gear.

To visit Magnetic Hill, best time from July to September where the weather is just right to explore the nature and Ladakh and its beauty.

Sangam of River Indus and Zanskar River

Sangam of River Indus & Zanskar River | Unseen Places In Leh

A most scenic view of merging this high Himalayas river at Nimmu valley which is a dream destination for trekkers. Indus originates in a cold desert while Zanskar river originates from Zanskar ranges.

In summers, Zanskar river flooded heavenly while Indus river stays calm but in winter its just opposite.

The Zanskar which is being the fast mountain river is the one who slows down and starts to freeze, thus making the flow very less, while the Indus moves relatively fast and with a lot of ice floating on it, this confluence makes for a great sight.

Pangong Lake

Pongong Lake | Leh Tourism

Pangong Tso lake, a secluded water body surrounded by snow-capped mountains in the Himalayas, wears the deepest shade of azure and flaunts piece of heaven on earth.

Pangong lake lies at the height of 4350 meters to the southeast of Leh. Pangong lake is one of the most picturesque creation by other nature. Pangong lake is one of the highest endorheic brackish lakes which receive unlimited tourism in Leh in Trans-Himalayan region.

Best time to visit June – September to visit Pangong Lake.