When it comes to Indian Railways, there are plenty of things that are amazing. Despite the fact that Indian railways is one of the biggest networks in the world and has substantially a huge number of employees; it cannot be neglected that Indian Railways is no less than the lifeline of passengers. Indeed, you can find passengers going to different places in trains. Be it a visit to an office or another region of the country; trains are always up and running.

Different types of coaches

There are different types of coaches in Indian Railways. People can book their tickets as per their budget. Where some coaches are ordinary; there are some that are absolutely luxurious. In case, you want to do any type of Indian railway inquiry, there are means and facilities that you can do it with ease. Anyhow getting back to the topic of coaches; have a look at some of the coaches of Indian trains below:

Indian Railway Inquiry

1st AC

First class AC is the most expensive class wherein the fares are nearly at par with the fare of plane tickets. There are eight cabins (encompassing two coupes) in full AC First Class coach, and there are three cabins (including a coupe) in half AC First Class coach. This particular air-conditioned coach is there only on popular routes and can easily carry 18 passengers (full coach) or ten passengers (half coach). This is the class that is available on broad gauge and meter gauge route trains.

2nd AC

Talking about AC-Two tier, these air-conditioned coaches possess sleeping berths across eight coves. Berths are generally arranged in two tiers in coves of six, four across the width of coach and two berths long ways on another side of a corridor, with curtains along the walkway or corridor. A broad gauge coach can easily encompass forty-eight passengers (full coach) or twenty passengers (half coach). This is the class that is available on broad gauge and meter gauge route trains.

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First class coaches

These coaches are similar as 1AC, but these are without air conditioning. The berths are cushioned but not as vast and spacious as in the case of 1st AC. Such a class has been phased out on most of the trains and is quite rare to find. However, the narrow gauge trains routes to mountain areas or hill stations have this class.

3 AC

This AC three-tier is an air-conditioned coach having sixty-four sleeping berths. Berths are generally arranged as in 2AC but they are with three tiers across the width and two long ways as before giving the eight coves of eight. It carries sixty-four passengers in broad gauge. This is the class that is available only on the broad gauge routes.

AC three tiers (Economy)

These are the Air conditioned coaches having sleeping berths. These are present in Garib Rath Express trains. Berths are generally arranged as in 3A but with 3 tiers throughout the width and three are long ways.
Thus, there are different coaches and these were only a few of them. You can pick a luxurious one like one of the mentioned or can even go for an ordinary one. It depends totally on your pocket and affordability.