Here I’m sharing out some of the most gay-friendly cities and traveling destination for LGBT Community. Cities who are able to provide the quality of life by considering some these factors like related to Local – Citizen acceptance for LGBT People, Where hate crime rate is low, where the activity of LGBT people going on, Amazing Nightlife, Safety.
So let’s check out which cities have all these factors to make their city on the top destination LGBT People.

New York, USA

New York | Best Travel Destination for LGBT People

New York City hasgay-friendlylargest LGBT populations in the world with the figure around 25,000 in 2016. New York city has “one of the world’s largest, loudest, and most powerful” LGBT communities”.Gay and lesbian culture is as much a part of New York’s basic Culture. It is also listed in most gay-friendly cities in the world.

In 1969, 3 men turn Stonewall Inn was tun to Gay Bar since then it becomes a most favorite spot for all the Gay men where they can dance on upstairs and can enjoy a drink at the bar.

Perfect spots for gay friendly destinations in New York city

New York is like a heaven for Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, Heterosexual. Besides this, The New York City metropolitan area had an estimated 568,903 self-identifying GLB residents.

New York city has a Gay-friendly Bar and clubs where they can groove their body and they can bring out there the breast. The life quality in New York for LGBT People is just awesome as they can enjoy the vibrant Nightlife, Safety, Less Hate, Friendly zone.

New York includes in the most gay friendly cities since 1969

Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp Belgium | Best Travel Destination for LGBT People

In Belgium Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender rights are seen as some of the most progressive in Europe and in the world. Belgium is the 2nd most successful country who legalize same-sex marriage and legalized.

Europe, a most progressive country who support LGBT and helping other countries to make them most gay-friendly cities

In Belgium, Gay people can marry with same-sex and can start their family too with the help of adoption while for Lesbians they can go for IVF. As it been legal in Belgium since 2006.
Discrimination protections based on sexual orientation in employment, housing, and public and private accommodations have also been enacted since 2003 and on gender identity/expression since 2014.

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Frequent times Belgium referred as One of the most gay-friendly countries as former Prime Miniter Elio Di Rupo, is an openly gay man and former minister of education Pascal Smet is also openly gay.

Antwerp gay friendly destinations

Antwerp is the most rank high in the highest friendly cities for gay, lesbians, transgender. You can find the disco for gay couples like Red and Blue is one of Europe’s largest gay discos. For Nightlife Studio 54 party, Café de Love, The Boots, dance cafés of all sizes. In Antwerp, there are plenty of option to have a wild night with all your friends

Can you for shopping where you can buy crazy things for a partner.

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Reykjavík, Iceland

Reykjavík Iceland | LGBT Tourism Destination In The World

Iceland is the best destination for gay-friendliness. Lesbian, gay bisexual and transgender rights in Iceland are very progressive.

In February 2009, the world’s first openly gay head of government in modern times. Since 2010, it legalized gay-lesbians marriages along with adoption or IVF for the respective couple. In October 2015, the Church of Iceland voted to allow same-sex couples to marry in its churches.

Raykjavik is among the most gay-friendly cities in Iceland

There is serval best place for gay and lesbians to hang out in Night especially at Reykjavik where you can find Laugavegur 22 which has a close relation with Gays since 1980, you can hang out it consists of 2 parts Upstairs Gay Nightclub Barbara and Downstairs: Trúnó Gay Café & Bar.

Events are organized for LGBT people by Pink Iceland and other Gay partners Tutorism. Pink Iceland is the first tourism which is dedicated to LGBT community.

Beijing, China

Beijing, China | LGBT Travel Destination

Being a conservation tradition and value in China it never considers with the aspect for LGBT people and their right, But the younger generation of China is in much supportive towards Gay-Lesbian. Since the same-sex marriage are legalized in China.Though Chinese people are humble and respect the privacy of each and every person. They are not interested knowing your sexual orientation as it’s not of their business.

Beijing, a best LGBT friendly places to live

After being legalized related to gay marriage, there are numerous of Bar, Clubs for Gay, Lesbain to hangout.where not only Gay having fun but also local people or straight come alone with them where most of the bars are man dominated where women are welcome too.

Beijing is among the best LGBT cities in the world

Best Places to hang out at Night one must check Alfa which is a popular club with a gay night on Friday, Funky a popular club which attracts a lot of youngsters, Kai Club.

Basically, Beijing is a very friendly zone for Gay people. Until you are not hurting anyone, no one gonna hurt you. You are safe with local people. That’s the reason why Beijing is included in the list of most gay-friendly cities in the world.

Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow Scotland | Gay Fri endly Travel Destination

The city is one of the most gay-friendly places in Europe.

From iconic, cheesy Polo Lounge to trendy Katy’s Bar, there’s a variety of clubs for the LGBT community.One can enjoy this amazing place where party too hard and having Vibrant and lively Night.You can check some of the coolest bars like Delmonica’s which is the heart of Glasgow you can enjoy Karaoke, DJ’s and events, it just a perfect place for starting a night.Another vibrant Place is Polo Lounge most iconic nightclubs for perfect dance with your partner.

São Paulo, Brazil

Sao Paulo | LGBT Gay Friendly Travel Destination

São Paulo is hugely famous and popular for its Parada do Orgulho, its becomes one of the largest gay pride parade in the world.Gay nightlife in Sampa, as São Paulo is also known, rivals major cities like New York and London. By day, São Paulo offers world-class gastronomy, visual arts, and architecture.

You can find yourself close to this audacious, amazing and Gay-friendly zone of Sao Paulo where Crazy nightlife attracts you places like Sauna Bath, Nightclubs, Resturant, Bars will give a feeling of your own home.

Sao Paulo is one of the most gay friendly cities in Brazil

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon Portugal, LGBT Travel Destination for Gay Couples

Lisbon is the largest city and the capital of Portugal and westernmost large city in Europe.If you that Lisbon is the oldest city in the world and in western Europe. Here are two UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Lisbon: Belém Tower and Jerónimos Monastery.

Lisbon is on the list of top ten gay cities to live

Since Lisbon is one of the few cities int he world who do not discriminate based on sexual orientation. Lisbon is a crime free place. Since 2010 it comes under the list of countries who allow same-sex marriage.

If you are traveling with your partner you can try all the bars because in Lisbon there is basically no discriminated which make it Gay, Lesbian, Transgender friendly city. All Clubs and bar would be filled with Gay and local people.
If you are looking for a particular gay bar you can check some of this Bars and Clubs. Bars like Discoteca Trumps where Gay nightspot featuring house & pop DJ music in neon-lit surrounds with disco balls & a dance floor.

BAR CRU which is built specially for Gay, Bar TR3S Lisboa, WoofLx, Gay bar 106 Easygoing gay nightspot offering specialty cocktails & occasional live DJs in a snug, modern space.

In Lisbon, you can try Sauna bath with your partner Trombeta Bath located in Lisbon.

Rome, Italy

Rome Italy | LGBT Tourism Destination In The World

Tuscany became the first region in Italy to ban discrimination against sexuality.The second major city to make the list is MILAN. The northern Italian city is home to a huge number of Gay, Lesbian, Transgender and been an active growing gay community, Milan has a relaxed and sociable gay scene.

The city is also a hub for the fashion-conscious, who after a day’s shopping head to popular nightspots including After Line disco and Metro Club.Each year, the city also hosts Gay Village, a summer-long festival of live music, sport, dance, theatre, film and other events at Parco del Ninfeo

Mumbai, India

Mumbai India | LGBT Tourism Destination In The World

Mumbai is the safest and Friendly city in Indian after Delhi as also known as Bollywood City.Along with that, you can go a little bit from Mumbai to Banglore and Chennai you can find friendliness toward the Gay, Lesbian people.

Mumbai is like a home for LGBT people in India and on the list top gay-friendly cities

You can find many Clubs and Bars, amazing nightlife in Mumbai.There are many organizations also set up for Transgender, gay, Lesbian who help them for important reasons and in their support not only LGBT community people support them but also local, straight and even some Bollywood celebrities also encourage for being a gay-friendly city, So Mumbai is becoming most gay-friendly cities in India.

In Mumbai, you can find many gay and transgender outside the bars and be doing part near the beach or shack.

Mykonos Greece

Mykonos Greece | Best Travel Destination for LGBT People

The Greek island of Mykonos is one of the ‘Big 4’ gay summer resort destinations in Europe – along with Gran Canaria, Sitges, and Ibiza.
Mykonos is the most amazing, Luvish, Luxurious and Friendly city for Gay, Lesbian people where nudity is so common, not only for straight people can you find many of the Gay couples visit this place for his extra friendliness attitude towards them.

Greece is most gay country where nudity is common

You can many Gay-friendly hotel, bars, clubs if you are looking particularly for gay-friendly, otherwise, you can not find any discriminative attitude towards gay people.You can enjoy this amazing nightlife at Mykonos where people party crazy with DJ from worldwide to perform there with International Songs and Bar usually shut down at 4′ o clock in the morning.

This city on this wonderful island Greece make the city more popular among the LGBT community.It has been ranked in the top city in the world for most gay friendly cities among Gay, Lesbian, Transgender.