Back in the old days there used to be places which would be opulent and lavish, all just to showcase the development of the city and what it represented as visitors entered the city. These used to places such as railway stations and ports and markets. Today airports are the places which are gateways to the city. Buildings are kept spick and span, they are upheld to the highest quality and they decked with amenities and features.

Most airports feature more than just clean buildings. There are several parts of the place, such as the cargo terminal, the passenger terminal and the air traffic control centre. Each building serves a very specific purpose and the most importance is always given to the passenger terminals. It is done so as the most important dignitaries, businessmen and other professionals come through the place. Keeping it clean is a sign that they are valued and in the case of international travellers even more so, as it may be the first time they are entering the country.

There are various sections in a terminal each arranged in an order. For passengers traveling from the airport, there are many sections such as the check-in counter, the security check counter, the immigration desk and the boarding point, all of them in order for the convenience. For passengers landing at the airport, it is a simpler one, with just the baggage collection area and the immigration check in case of international flights. There are also many food outlets and coffee shops in the airport to help out people who may be feeling tired and need a boost. Another feature of most airports is the duty-free stores; the stores can exist as airports are places where taxes of the country technically do not apply. Thus one can pick up items for a bargain buy on certain high cess items such as foods, alcohol and others.

India is home to over 80 airports and 15 of them being international airports. Most of them maintain high standards of cleanliness and some of the busiest ones are filled with amenities and features. The Airports in the cities of Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore have to maintain extremely high standards as they are one of the busiest in the world. Certain routes such as the Mumbai Bangalore corridor and the Delhi Mumbai flights schedule are often packed with business professionals and are the most used by passengers. Some of these airports handle millions of passengers in a year and are subject to a lot of media attention and critique.

Airports are places where people from all sections and all parts of the world intermingle and go on a journey, hence it is important that they feel great about their traveling experience. Most of the airlines in operation in the country also have their own lounges and areas reserved for passengers to help them feel comfortable and ensure their travel is easy. These places are gateways to the city and the country and in order to showcase the best possible hospitality for the travelers; it is kept in tip-top conditions.