Best Top 10 Plus Size Model List

1. Dexrated Mayfield

Dexrated Mayfield | Top 10 Plus Size Model

Dexrated, a dancer, actor, choreographer and a well known plus size model in LA. Who is an influence on people who are struggling with plus size issue. Apart from it, he also supports LGBT as he identifies himself as a Gay.

He already has 18.2K followers on Instagram. Dexrated most earning comes through Instagram while promoting products and services for other brands. He is among the famous plus size model who got fame for having plus size.

He is running a YouTube Channel for years.

2. Naty Ferreira

Naty Ferreira | Best Plus Size Model

Naty Ferreira, a full-time beauty blogger and plus size model, entitled by Miss Size RN Official 2017, Miss Brasil Smapatia 2017 and Digital Influencer.

She have 76.2K Followers on Instgaram.
She has walked for many fashion show as a plus-size model. She has been published as the Best Top 10 Plus Size Models.

3.Dana Patterson

Dana Patterson | Top Plus Size Model

Dana Patterson, a full time plus size model also running her YouTube Channel with 3.7K Subscriber and 291K Followers on Instagram.

Her income flow comes from Affiliate and Product promoting. She has been contacted by other plus size models agency for her income flow.

4. Natalie Craig

Natalie Craig | Plus Size Model

Natalie Craig, a full-time fashion blogger and Famous Plus Size model based in Chicago. Natalie has more than 32k followers on Instagram.

5. Ashley Marie

Ashley Marie | Famous Plus Size Models

Ashley is a Plus Size Model Fashion & Beauty Influencer also work as a Hair Colorist based in Who have 71.1 K followers on Instagram.

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6.Isabella Trad

Isabella | BBW | Fat Fashion Blogger

Isabella Trad a fashion beauty blogger running her channel on YouTube along with 67.7 K followers. Isabella have contracted with many other blogger friends where they share post on Instagram.

This BBW are literally breaking the internet with their blend of Fashion. They represent and rises hope for the people who are struggling to be big beautiful women with their extra fat.

7. Isabelle

Isabelle | BBW | Fat Fashion

Isabella, a full-time Model Photo Model based in Switzerland. The 31 years old Big Beautiful Women have more than 33.6 K Followers on Instagram.

Isabelle shares her amazing plus size body images on the internet and on his site

8. Ivonne Alas

Ivonne Alas | Fat Fashion Blogger

Ivonne Alas plus Size Fashion Influencer on Instagram have more than 12K Followers on Instagram. Apart from modeling, she is also running her Business and YouTube Channel.

9. Troy Solomon

Troy Solomon | Plus Size Male Fashion Blogger

Troy Solomon, a gay plus size fashion blogger who posts his fashionable images on Instagram with 43K Followers on Instagram based in California. Troy who is very fashionable obsesses with body and Style.

10. Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham | Plus Size Model List
Ashley Grahman is an American model who is popular for her Plus Size. She shoots for many popular covers like Elle, Vogue and other fashion magazines. She has a huge fan following on twitter, facebook for her grace and attitude for carrying herself as one the hottest plus size model.