It sounds a little bit gross or awkward eating cockroaches, But even if someone told you to eat bread made from cockroaches flour? then what you think would you give a try?

One group of the researcher in Brazil came up with a solution stomach churning, who believe due to the low quality of agriculture, it will difficult to provide a high protein source for future generation.

They use lobster cockroaches from which they get the main nutrient to add in bread. “They remind us of ches[t]nut or peanut. They’re really good and tasty, and (their presence) does not affect the flavor of the bread,” said Myrian Melado, a researcher at the Federal University of Rio Grande, as reported by AsiaOne.

These lobster cockroaches bred in the lab for almost 75 days then they harvest it. After done with harvest they pulverize it and add to bread mix.

Dried Cockroaches | Brazil Researcher Group

According to the researcher, the unconditional climate change, and low-quality protein, Feeding can be done of 9 billion people from such bread for the future generation of 2030.

Pulverized Cockroaches Flour | Brazil

“Insects don’t create waste. If we think of the amount of water we need to breed an insect, compared to the amount of it needed for cattle breeding, it’s infinitely less,” continued Melado.

Scientists have long played with the idea of switching to insects to meet our protein requirements but, so far, the market in the West has resisted the allure of fresh mealworms which taste simar to pumpkin seeds or protein bars made of crickets.

Bread From Cockroaches Flour | Brazil Researchers Group

Apart from this group of researchers, the world has already been eating such kind of insects for millions of years the practice of eating insects, known as entomophagy.

Apart from many people who eat insects, they are many countries who enjoy their flavor in the appetite.

Countries Who Eats Cockroaches

United States of America

Dried Cockroaches | Market In USA

You may have seen in many in American Tv Reality show where the host challenges the contestant to eat some sort of weird insects or worm including cockroach and red worms, and guess what contestant accept the challenge.

Many countries really appreciate the unique flavor of bugs, they certainly possess nutritional benefits.


Eating Cockroaches as Appetite | China

In China, Larve is the most common food in restaurants and the most delightful appetite. Larvae are enriched in copper, iron, riboflavin, thiamin, and zinc which is essential minerals for the human body.


Deep Fried Cockroaches In Ghana

In rural African diet, bugs account for up to 60% protein. People of Ghana eating Termites are a sourceful way to survival. Termites are rich in fats, protein, and oils especially when there is a shortage of other food supply.


Dip – Chocolate with Insects | Netherlands Dip – Chocolate with Insects | Netherlands

In Netherland, Dutchess trying to bring bug-eating in their homeland culture getting influenced by the foreign trend by making chocolate infused with ground mealworms.


Brazil | Bread Made Cockroaches

A small town in Brazil known as Silveira commonly known around the world for its weird habit of collecting ants from the season of October to November. They collect winged queen ants removed their wings and fry them or dip with chocolates.


Dried Cockroaches | Market In Thailand

In Thailand, the majority of bars served fried bugs alongside their drink, so forget those peanuts and pretzels with drinks. They use crickets grasshoppers and a huge variety of worms which considered as their favorite snacks in Thailand.


Cockroaches with Peanut | Mexico

We all love Mexican food includes the taste tortillas, bean, chili peppers, but if you are wondering what would be the authentic Mexican food then you must be aware that certain region of Mexico love to soaked any eggs in butter, candy covered worms and chocolate – covered locusts are most. So be careful while you are enjoying any Mexica authentic food you’re likely to find some insects lurking on your dinner plate.