Hello Chocolate lovers! You might be wondering how dark chocolate benefits in health stream rather than just give indulge to the tongue. well, scientific studies have drawn some attention towards the benefits of dark chocolate. When dark chocolate was used in the rare condition which is now in the mainstream of market where it’s very difficult to choose the best dark chocolate according to your needs. In the current market, scenarios marketer launches new dark chocolate every day with a distinct flavor twist, eventually make consumers often confusion whether to choose taste over tongue or not?

If you are among those people who want to enjoy chocolate along with maintaining the health then you must choose the dark chocolate after this article, on what criteria you are selecting your dark chocolate.

Dark Chocolate Benefits

Studies have shown dark chocolate has 50-70% cocoa present in can adds benefits in many ways. There are countless dark chocolate has countless benefits as it contains Cocoa which has flavanol, a kind of polyphenol present in it helps to reduce stress, anxiety and even help from UV rays. The higher percentage of cocoa means the higher amount of flavanol present in chocolate.

But before purchasing any dark chocolate you must check its label which should not be labeled as processed with alkali, means process with dutching process which can badly affect the end product, eventually, decrease flavanol.

Many scientific studies have shown that a good amount of dark chocolate helps to reduce stress, anxiety and even benefits for your skin. But if you are consuming those milk chocolate then it won’t be useful. If you’re really wanna add benefits to your health then you must start considering the amount of cocoa before you are consuming it.

Benefits of Eating Dark Chocolate for all Age Groups

A recent study has shown dark chocolate benefits conducted in 2018, consumption of 2-3 piece of dark chocolate gives a decadent flavor in the mouth, compared to milk chocolate which you eat almost half without getting feel you have it.

It increases the capacity of exercising
people eat less junk food after dark chocolate.
Helps to Boost energy

Benefits of Dark Chocolate For Brain

Dark Chocolate contains flavonoids one kind of antioxidant which helps to soak up the harmful free radicals from body, which leads to damage age-related conditions from Arthritis to Alzheimer’s.

Dark chocolate benefits for improving brain function as the getting older along with that it improves the flexibility of arteries.

Control blood clots and heart strokes.

Though dark chocolates are beneficial for all age group if they consume in advised manner, dark chocolate has the positive effects on the health and skin.

Dark Chocolate Brands in India

Lindt Excellence

Image: Paschachocolate.com

Image: LindtExcellence
Lindt Excellence is a Swiss chocolate bar containing 70% of cocoa adds a smooth and creamy flavor with enjoyable taste experience apart from dark chocolate benefits as the high percentage of cocoa present in it adds many benefits to health.


Image: Paschachocolate.com

Contain: 85% of Cocoa
Range: 55%-85%

Pascha, dark chocolate benefits as its gluten-free and allergy free. Finest form of chocolate free from dairy, soy, wheat, nuts, and eggs. They also launch vegan chocolate. Pascha brings the finest form of pure dark chocolates.

Endangered Species

Image: godairyfree.org

72% Cacao and 88% Cacao bars

Endangered species a chocolate manufacturer who named its company to create awareness for all the endangered species in the world.

They believe to get indulged for a social cause. Though they contribute to the social cause from their profit shares and also creating awareness making the company distinct from the rest of manufacturer for their brilliant work.

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Alter Eco

Image: ThriveMarket
It’s not only dark but also deep and smoother in taste. Available in 85% – 90% of super dark. Approved by USDA its among the super dark chocolate crafted organically.


Image: Candyindustry.com
Cocoa Rang: 80% – 95%

Taza is among the darkest chocolate with bold taste and flavor. It barely tastes sweets as it’s among the highest 95% cocoa present in it. Taza dark chocolates present in various flavor with tangy fruits and nuts to let should the cocoa in sweet bitter flavor.

Taza is the least processed chocolate you can ever find, approved by USDA by just combination of cocoa beans and sugar they make the finest dark chocolate on the planet, top listed for benefits through dark chocolate.

Green & Blacks

Image: confectionerynews.com
Green and Black dark chocolate define the motive of the maker where Green stick to the commitment of delivering ethnical cocoa and black symbolize the delicious intensity and high quality of dark chocolate.


Image: Pure7chocolate.com

Range Available: 70%-100% Cocoa

Pure 7 dark chocolates bring the finest for of pure dark chocolates with 100% cocoa. It’s range starts from 70% cocoa to 100% form.

100% USDA Organic and Non-GMO certified.

Ghirardelli Intense Dark

Image: thechocolateboxshop.com

Range: 86%- 92% Cocoa

Available from 86% to 92% purest form of dark chocolate in bar and small squares.


Image: Theorganicsupermarket.com

Available: 85% – 92% Cocoa
Vivani is a German chocolatier who sell chocolates in USA and Canada with 100% organic ingredients.

Organic, processed without alkali, no Soy Lecithin.

Giddy Yoyo

Image: Bucketlistjourney.com

Range: Available up to 100% Cocoa

Present the largest range of dark chocolates with pure cocoa with USDA organic.

Is Dark Chocolate Bad For You

Dark chocolate has all the positive effects on health, but if you start consuming beyond the advised limit it could lead to many serious problems including tooth decay, heart problems and an increased risk of obesity. Pregnant women must avoid dark chocolate though it contains caffeine.