Countries With Highest Female Population


Latvia Woman More Than Man | Highest Female Population

Latvia is a small country, former Soviet Union country part of a European nation. It has a very high population of women compared to men it is about 54.10%. Even though most of the woman are highly educated, beautiful, stylish still it’s difficult to find a man around.

If you gonna compare in the workspace where there are more than 80% women are working in Latvia. They can’t find man according to their equal education level or desired one.

Due to the high number of mortality rate, a single woman finds difficult to find a husband for her.There is something about 8% of the difference in them i.e 84.4 males for every 100 females.

There is another factor which also leads to young man commits suicide due to “Car driving, alcoholism and accidents in the workplace are mainly riskier for men than for women“.

Women want to settle down and start a family, which also put a lot of pressure on men mind.

Besides this, the sudden pressure for a man to get the financially strong another topic of worried.

As per the US-based survey, Women are living longer than man by 11 years .

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Lithuania Depressed Man | Lithuania Country With Highest Female Population

In Lithuania, due to a high mortality rate of man . Number of man smoking compared to a woman are higher. Due to high smoking, depression, culture , mental illness and high risk-taking culture reduce the life expectancy of man population.

In Lithuania, Female population in 2015 was 54%.

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Curacao Depressed Man | Country Curaco Has Highest Female Population

In Curacao, the life expectancy of a woman is higher than man . On every 100 females only 92 male which effects on the gender differences.

In 2015, Curacao female population was 53.90% .


Ukraine Drinking Man | Highest Female Population In Ukraine

Ukraine population of women is 53.70% . In Ukraine, life expectancy is 64 but an average man lives for 62 years while females are 74 years. High life expectancy difference between the two.

In most of American countries man play sports, have some beer and relax . While in Ukraine man only drink and smoke which affects mentally and increases health problem which also leads to high death rate at young age

Countries With Highest Woman Population


Armenia Has Less Population Of Man| Highest Female Population In Armenia

Armenia is among such country where the woman population rate is higher than man by 53.60% . After first world war, it was 91.9 male for every 100 females . In world war 2, the situation gets devasted there is a decline of males.

6.Russian Federation – Highest Female Population

Russian Man In Jail | Russia Has Highest Female Population Rate In World

Russian known for the most beautiful, blond, stylish woman in the world. Apart from it, the number of women is higher than man by 53.50%.

Russian women are so super strong that they can do anything with males, can give them a happy healthy relationship or even a whole in jail .

You can find many articles and video on it. Most of the Russian woman threaten males and torture them to fulfill their demand and if any need didn’t fulfill by the partner or husband. They even put allegation such a rape, domestic violence .

Even if the man is innocent, they will send jailed for 10 years without any proof . In Russia, you don’t need to give any proof or you need to prove anything related to any matter of woman.

There is one viral video of a Russian woman , who sits in Taxi and started crying louder, start calling the police. The taxi driver was smart and was aware of such kind of drama of woman. So he installs car web camera which helps him to get out of the jail as soon as possible.

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Belarus Man | Highest Female Population Country

Belarus , a landlocked country in Eastern Europe bordered by Russia to the northeast, Ukraine to the south, Poland to the west, and Lithuania and Latvia to the northwest.

Belarus woman is most astonishing , charm , loving, caring woman in the world. Numer of woman population is about 53.50% higher than man. It about 1152 females for 1000 males .


Estonia Man | Estonia Has Highest Female Population Rate

Estonia officially, the Republic of Estonia is a country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe.

In the Population Census, it was revealed that the population ratio in Estonia is 1137 females per 1000 of males .It about 53.20% of woman population in Estonia.

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9.El Salvador

El Salvador | Highest Female Population

El Salvador is a small Central American nation also known for its ocean beaches, surf sports, landscape and the higher female ratio of a woman by 53.10% .

In El Salvador, the rights of women are equal to men rights under the same law, unlike Ukraine and Russia. But still, there is a huge difference in gender inequality.

10.Hong Kong SAR, China

Shortage of Chinese Man | Hong Kongs Has Highest Female Population Rate

Hong Kong is an autonomous territory in southeastern China popular for the global financial business hub, skyscraper building, vibrate, densely populated urban area.

Man shortage in China which revealed that there were 209,000 women living alone , a figure that is rapidly rising. It’s believed that one in five Hong Kong women born today will remain single for the rest of their lives.