The Catacombs of Paris is an underground ossuary which holds more than 6 million remains of the human body.
It all begins with the development of Paris city which becomes the major player in Europe.

Due to the most developed city which rises two major problem for their people
1. The high death rate of people due to Diseases
2. Famine

Due to the high death rate in Paris, people started to bury death body in Les Innocents cemetery which is largest and old cemetery in Halles, which soon overflooded with excessive death body. To solve the problem French government came up with the solution of dig up the body in the walls of Cemetery but soon people of Halles started complaining about a foul and unusual smell of decomposing bodies coming from the cemetery.

Les Innocents in Halles | Paris

Even Perfumes stores complain they can’t push off their business here because of a foul smell in the city.

In 1763, Louis V proclate to ban any burial in the city but due to Church push back nothing can be done as they don’t want to move or disturbed the cemeteries.

The Louis VI and its successor continue to crusades “The French Revolution” also proclaim to moved the cemeteries in 1789.

French Revolution | Buried French Army in Catacombs of Paris

However, it wasn’t done until 1780, When suddenly heavy rainfall cause collapsed the walls of Les Innocents,
spilling rotting corpses into neighboring property.

Their second major problem got their final solution, the unstable ground in Paris got collapsed due to heavy rainfall which later figures out it was a tunnel which was used by Gallo Romans to quarries limestone were mined to build Paris into a thriving city back in 13th Century.

As the tunnels were empty since thousand of years, French government got the solution they started shifting the remains in tunnels. In 1786 they started emptied the cemeteries with Les Innocents about 6 to 7 Million people.
Which took almost 12 years completely to shift bodies and bones. While during the French Revolution dead bodies of armies were directly buries into the Catacombs ossuaries.

Catacombs of Paris, France

The tunnels were 2 kilometers long. The depth of Catacombs was 20 meters equal to 5 story building. Catacombs have a constant temperature of 14 degrees Celsius. The total length of the galleries for ossuaries is 800 meters.
There is only one way to get into Catacombs but it also believes it can be accessed through metros, tunnels, man-made holes which also increased many other risks.

Catacombs of Paris

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Catacombs of Paris, France

Some famous personalities from history whose final resting place in Catacombs Ossuaries some of them were writer, Painter, Sculptures, Poets include Jean-Paul Marat, one of the Revolution’s most radical voices, and Maximilien de Robespierre, an influential figure. The city stopped moving bones into the ossuaries in 1860.

In beginning 1800, Public tours available only for rich people to access catacombs with the permission of mines inspector.

Today, its access to the public in regular basis which consists a walk of 45 minutes from the tunnel where visitors can see many scariest message like Welcome to the Empire of Death to make a good theme and place bit scary for the visitors.

The Catacombs ossuaries have 6-7 Million human body remains which organized in the different shapes to showcase public.